We Specialize in Agent Team Building


  • You are interested in building a profitable and successful team
  • You already have a team and want expert team building training & coaching
  • You want to learn how to implement effective business systems, hire an assistant and 1-2 buyer agents
  • Expansion Teams into other markets is your ultimate goal
  • You are a broker-owner or manager wanting to grow a more profitable company


  • Decide on a Team Model, Compensation & Structure
  • Implement Effective Team Systems
  • Recruit, Hire and Retain the Right Team Members
  • Coach, Manage and Lead a Succesful Team
  • Build an Asset and Create Your Exit Strategy
  • Leverage Team Leader Best Practices


  • We have been coaching and training real estate professionals for more than 20 years
  • Our coaches have been licensed real estate agents/brokers/managers for over 20+ years
  • Our philosophy is to guide you to run your business as a real business
  • It starts with getting your house in order and systems in place; then hiring agents to plugin to your effective systems.


Let us guide you every step of the way to implement the Real Estate Team Builder system.  We have done all the work – all you need to do is customize the procedures and documents for your business and market.

Training Modules & Lessons

Documents & Forms

Tech & Bonus Videos

Real Estate Team Builder is a turnkey system ~ click the tabs below to see the course curriculum plus all of the documents, forms, videos, manuals, and extras that come with the program:

Module 1– The Big PictureWBNL Coaching RETB Module 1 In this first module, we will lay the foundation and cover in greater detail the philosophy and core components of real estate team building.


  • Lesson 1: Pros and Cons of Building a Team
  • Lesson 2: Primary Focus Areas for Team Building
  • Lesson 3: The Four Archetypes and How They Fit
  • Lesson 4: Six Principles of a Successful Business
  • Lesson 5: Two Critical Components of Team Building
  • Lesson 6: Agent Team Models
  • Lesson 7: Working with Your Brokerage/Company Policies
  • Lesson 8: Let’s Get to Work!

WBNLCRETB-Miodule-2Module 2 – Team Operations and Admin This training module will cover the team administrative set-up and essential operational systems including:

  • Lesson 1: Choosing Your Team Model and Organization Chart
  • Lesson 2: Team Member Compensation Plans
  • Lesson 3: Customize the WBNL Team Operations Manual
  • Lesson 4: Team Member Job Descriptions and Agreements
  • Lesson 5: Onboarding System for Admins and Team Associates
  • Lesson 6: The Wanderers Profile Assessment
  • Lesson 7: Team Reporting and Tracking
  • Lesson 8: Team Software Solutions
  • Lesson 9: Let’s Get to Work!

WBNL CRETB 3Module 3 – Implement Effective Team Systems This module takes the essential real estate business systems (training is included in our WBNL Wanderers Club online membership platform) and shows you how to make the necessary adjustments for the team.

  • Lesson 1: Team Real Estate Business Plan & Goals
  • Lesson 2: Your Brand and Value Proposition
  • Lesson 3: Identifying and Attracting Your Perfect Client
  • Lesson 4: Marketing and Advertising
  • Lesson 5: Your Database/Past Client/Referral System
  • Lesson 6: Listing and Farming System
  • Lesson 7: Buyer, Escrow and Transaction Management System
  • Lesson 8: Lead Generation and Follow-up Systems
  • Lesson 9: Internet and Social Media Marketing
  • Lesson 10: Leveraging Technology and Productivity Apps
  • Lesson 11: Mobile & Paperless Operations
  • Lesson 12: Business and Financial Systems
  • Lesson 13: Let’s Get to Work!

4Module 4 – Recruit, Hire and Retain the Right Team Members In this module, you will learn our proven recruiting and retention strategies to attract the right team members including:

  • Lesson 1: The Eight Step Attraction Model
  • Lesson 2: Customize the Affiliation (Recruiting) Proposal
  • Lesson 3: 50 Attraction (Recruiting) Ideas
  • Lesson 4: Recruiting Scripts and Dialogues
  • Lesson 5: Five Steps to an Effective Interview
  • Lesson 6: 90 Day Plan to Onboard New Team Associate
  • Lesson 7: Let’s Get to Work!

5Module 5 – Coach, Manage and Lead a Successful Team Discover and learn the power of coaching and empowering your team members in this module.  We will also cover team accountability, production tracking and overall productivity strategies.

  • Lesson 1: Coaching Agents To Success Guide
  • Lesson 2: Training and Mentoring Your Team Members
  • Lesson 3: Team Leads, Production and Escrow Tracking
  • Lesson 4: How to Run an Effective Team Meeting
  • Lesson 5: Guide to Integrating Google for Work and
  • Lesson 6: Productivity/Accountability/Project Management Solutions
  • Lesson 7: Let’s Get to Work!

6Module 6  – Build an Asset and Create Your Exit Strategy We will conclude the Real Estate Team Builder training with this comprehensive module on how to build an asset (your team and overall real estate business) and design your exit strategy.

  • Lesson 1: Exit Strategy Guide and Checklist
  • Lesson 2: Team Business Plan and Key Business Metrics
  • Lesson 3: The Essential Business and Financial Systems
  • Lesson 4: Review of Exit Strategy and Buyout Options
  • Lesson 5: Let’s Get to Work!

Real Estate Team Builder
List of Documents, Forms, Manuals7-1

Module 1– The Big Picture

  1. Real Estate Business System Assessment
  2. Partnership Checklist
  3. Sample Partnership Agreement
  4. Team Model Planning Worksheet
  5. eMyth Revisited Key Points
  6. What’s Your Time Worth Worksheet

Module 2 – Team Operations and Admin

  1. Complete Hire and Onboarding System
    1. System Checklist
    2. Sample Ads (Admin, Marketing, TC)
    3. Sample Job Description – Admin Asst
    4. Sample Job Description – Marketing/TC
    5. Online Application Form Template
    6. Email 1 – Take the DISC assessment
    7. Email 2 – Task/Project
    8. Interview Questions (phone)
    9. Interview Questions (in-person)
    10. Onboarding Checklist
  2. Licensed vs. Unlicensed General Guidelines
  3. Sample Admin Compensation Plans
  4. Sample Admin Employment Agreement
  5. Assistant Task Checklist Template
  6. Employee Performance Review Forms
  7. Payroll Costs Worksheet
  8. Team Accountability and Production
    1. Team Production Tracking Template
    2. Team Commission Tracking Template
    3. Lead Tracking Report
    4. Lead Conversion Tracking Form
    5. TA Commission Disbursement Form
    6. Escrow Tracking Report
    7. Team Annual Production Wrap-Up Worksheet
    8. Database Growth Tracking Worksheet
    9. Vacationing Agent Form
    10. Internal Team Referral Examples
  9. Recommended Resources, Software and Solutions List

Module 3 – Implement Effective Team Systems

  1. Real Estate Business System Checklists (Team Versions)
    1. Team Real Estate Business Plan and Goal-Writing 
    2. Your Brand and Value Proposition
    3. Identifying Your Perfect Client
    4. Marketing and Advertising
    5. Your Database/Past Client/Referral System
    6. Listing & Farming System
    7. Buyer/Escrow System
    8. Lead Generation and Follow-up System
    9. Internet & Social Media Marketing Strategy
    10. Technology, Mobile Operations
    11. Business Financial Basics for the Real Estate Agent
  2. Rainmaker Business Plan
  3. Team Associate Business Plan & Goals Template
  4. Top Producer Action Plans
  5. WBNL Coaching Emails/Letters
    1. Your Database (3)
    2. Introducing New Team Associate (2)
    3. Settlement Statement
    4. Testimonials & Reviews
    5. Farming Series
  6. Pre-Listing Package List
  7. Sample Buyer Consultation Guide
  8. Evernote Buyer, Listing, Escrow Templates

Module 4 – Recruit, Hire and Retain the Right Team Members

  1. Affiliation Proposal PowerPoint template
  2. 50 Attraction/Recruiting Ideas and Strategies
  3. Recruiting Scripts & Dialogues
  4. Recruiting Emails & Letters
  5. Online Application Form Template
  6. 5 Step Interview Template
  7. Team Manager Interview Questions
  8. Team Associate Interview Questions
  9. TA/TM Screening Emails
  10. Sample TM contract
  11. Sample TA contract
  12. Sample TA, TM Compensation Models
  13. 90-Day Onboarding & Training Manual
    1. Onboarding Checklist
    2. Team Policies Template (for TA agreement)
    3. 25+ Documents Included in this Training Manual

Module 5- Coach, Manage and Lead a Successful Team

  1. Coaching Agents to Success Guide
  2. Team Meeting Guidelines & Agenda
  3. List of Team Meeting Ideas/Topics
  4. Sales & Productivity Contest Ideas
  5. Guide to Team Events, Retreats, Advance Meetings
  6. Team Recognition & Awards Guide

Module 6  – Build an Asset and Create Your Exit Strategy

  1. Exit Strategy Checklist
  2. Business Budget Template
  3. Profit & Loss Statement
  4. ROI Worksheet
  5. Year over Year Growth Comparison Template
  6. Sample Chart of Accounts
  7. Sample Buyout Agreements




8Bonus Videos & Extras

  1. Top Producer 8i Tutorials
  2. Evernote overview
  3. Dropbox folder setup
  4. How to Use Google Drive
  5. How to Conduct an Agent Interview (role play)
  6. Wanderers Profile System
  7. Career Landing Page
  8. Recommended Productivity APPS
  9. LinkedIn All-Star Profile
  10. Master LinkedIn for Business
  11. LinkedIn for Business eBook
  12. Social Media Guide for Business eBook
  13. Technology-Apps-Resource Guide
  14. Mobile /Paperless Operations
    1. Working with Sellers
    2. Working with Buyers

WBNL-Coaching-Real-Estate-Team-Builder-Ops-Manual RETB Team Operations Manual

  1. All written procedure docs for the online manual:
    1. Listings (Sellers)
    2. Sales (Buyers)
    3. Lead Gen – Database
    4. Lead Gen – Farms
    5. Lead Gen – Social Media, Internet
    6. Lead Gen – Networking
    7. Team Admin
  2. Implementation Guide/Checklist
  3. Google Drive setup (Video)

I am a broker of over 33 years in the Real Estate Industry. I am so impressed with the programs WBNL Coaching provides. Jan is helping me build my small company into a professional organization. Jan, is always available to answer my concerns and insecurities. The program is a systematic system and all in place and makes perfect sense. On a personal level I cannot express how grateful I am that Jan has come into my life, she is a good person and we need more like her. I highly recommend this program to each and every person in the real estate business to better themselves.

Pamela Robinson

Owner-Broker, Seiko Properties, San Diego, Ca

The Team Tasks & Procedures Guide is just one of the resources that you have provided me with that will change the landscape of my business. There is a level of personal client care laced throughout these tasks that would leave any client feeling incredibly valued. WBNL Coaching exceeds my expectations in every way.  Your one-on-one help that leverages my efforts to help me reach my goals has surpassed what I could have ever imagined. I get the benefit of the hundreds, probably thousands of hours that YOUR training, professional network and pursuit of technology has given you. I am truly grateful!

Sheri Page

Realtor® ABR, CRS, GRI, e-PRO, Team Page - Realty ONE Group

I had been searching for a coach with a training program that wasn’t one size fits all. One that could assess where I was and what the next step in my team’s growth should be. Jan and I clicked on our first phone call. She listened, was able to identify what steps needed to be taken and then mapped out a strategy that incorporated our teams values and goals. I appreciated her organization, the ability to move through the WBNL modules at the time I needed them, but most of all her willingness to go above and beyond in helping me find the best resources for my team so that we could move forward. She has proven to be an excellent sounding board when at a cross roads and can quickly discern the better path to take. I can wholeheartedly recommend Jan and the WBNL Coaching program. If you are searching for a structured business plan with a coach that will guide you through solid systems while still enjoying a personal life. You have found it!!

Marie Tanabe

Realtor, Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, GRI, at Marie Tanabe Group,, Illustrated Properties

It has been a breath of fresh air working with Jan. With the ever changing market she has given me the knowledge and tools to stay ahead of the curve. Along with her expertise of the industry, I appreciate her investing her time and efforts into seeing my business grow. I feel our meetings have been personally tailored to my style and I look forward to future endeavors.

Jackie Valiente

Team Leader, TEAM VALIENTE, Realty ONE Group

We Specialize in Real Estate Team Building

Jan O'Brien

Jan O'Brien

Co-Founder, WBNL Enterprises | Business & Real Estate Coach

As a real estate broker, coach and industry leader for over 23 years, Jan is keenly aware that the single biggest obstacle in any business is implementation of the basic systems and activities that are the foundation of a prosperous and long-lived career.  With this in mind, Jan builds programs and systems around that and gets the fear out of the way.  Once that is accomplished, the sky is the limit and she has guided 100’s of top producing real estate sales professionals, teams and business owners to implement effective systems that allow them to thrive.
Matt Emerson

Matt Emerson

Co-Founder, WBNL Enterprises | Travologist | Business Coach

Matt’s philosophy in life and business can be summed up with ease; look for the best in people, listen more than you talk, be inclusive, create balance, and make each day better than the day before.   This has served him well during his 29 years of leading individuals, teams, and companies to success. Understanding what motivates someone and how they can best reach their personal goals and improve their quality of life has always come easy to Matt and he enjoys being a part of that journey.   Taking charge of your destiny is the most freeing & empowering thing you can do – let’s get to work!
Two Package Options Available for Your to Maximize Your Time and Results

RETB Package 1

Full program and training
  • Online Video Training Module
  • Lifetime Access to the Recorded Videos and Documents
  • Complete Package of Documents, Admin Forms
  • RETB Team Procedures Manual
  • 90 Day Onboarding & Agent Training
  • Team Project management, accountability, communication system
  • Access to updates and revisions

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